Sean Bean Wants The 'Game Of Thrones' Creators To Resurrect Ned Stark

Sean Bean seems to have launched a petulant call for the Game of Thrones creators to resurrect his character in the show – much like they did with Kit Harington's Jon Snow.

(Image: HBO)

(Image: HBO)

His revered persona as Ned Stark was beheaded in the first season finale, a heartbreaking scene which stunned fans (and set a brutal precedent for the rest of the series).

It is, however, by no means his first on-screen death. Bean has been killed off in a bunch of different films, including Lord of the Rings and GoldenEye.

But when asked which of his ill-fated characters he would most like to resurrect, he told the Press Association: "Probably Game of Thrones."

Questioned on whether its writers could script a revival for Stark much like they did with Jon Snow in its sixth season, he replied: "I know. Tell them."

While this may seem like interview banter, there are actual theories which claim it may be possible.

As one Redditor explains, Ned Stark may have survived his beheading by entering the mind of another person, a skill his son Bran seems to possess.

"It seems likely that 'wargness' is a genetic trait passed down from parent to child.," the theory states, "This leads to the possibility that Eddard Stark was a warg."

It has even been speculated that Ned took possession of his tongueless executioner Ilyn Payne, and used his connection to the Lannisters to poison King Joffrey.

There are, however, also theories that claim Samwell Tarly is actually narrating the entire story in favour of Jon Snow. Only time will tell.

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