'Rick And Morty' Co-Creator Offers Season Four Update

Rick and Morty's third season took the Adult Swim show from cult series to pop phenomenon (just look at the whole McDonald's debacle). At the same time, things aren't exactly running smoothly for season four. Currently caught up in "complicated" negotiations, the season has not yet been renewed, prompting fans to petition for the next chapter to made posthaste. But today show co-creator Dan Harmon has given an update that makes the situation seem a little more hopeful. 

(Image: Adult Swim)

Speaking to Den of Geek at Tribeca Film Festival, Dan Harmon offered some news on how things are going after weeks of silence. As he explained:

"I’m optimistic right now, at the moment. Negotiations are tough. It’s an unprecedented situation, and everybody’s being real cool and wants to make an agreement happen so that we can get started. That’s about all I can say."

That's quite a turnaround from the last bit of news we had when the show's other creator Justin Roiland tersely advised us to turn our attention towards Turner, the company that owns Adult Swim. 

Rick and Morty is such a huge hit that it seems very unlikely that the network will drop it entirely – in fact, the delay in negotiations just seems to be a result of the stakes being higher than ever. All the same, things are looking up. Watch this space.