Nnedi Okorafor Is Working With Marvel On A Comic Set In Lagos

It's official. There's literally nothing Nnedi Okorafor cannot do. The award-winning African sci-fi writer can now add (Marvel) comic book writer to her esteemed resume.

She announced on Twitter that she’ll be writing an an eight-page comic for Marvel’s forthcoming Venomverse anthology, slated to come out in September 2017.

The comic, called Blessing in Disguise, is set in Lagos; and it features a girl named Ngozi (a name that means Blessing) along with popularly-known Marvel characters: Venom Symbiote, Black Panther, and the Rhino. The comic will be illustrated by Tana Ford.

Venomverse is the successor to the popular Spider-Verse which came out in 2015. It’s based on Eddie Brock, the Venom symbiote from Spiderman, and will include “Venomized” versions of comic book characters like Deadpool and Mary Jane.

Nnedi has been having a phenomenal year: in July, HBO revealed it is turning her novel, Who Fears Death, into a series with Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin signed on as a producer, and she also recently announced that she was one of the 40 writers selected to contribute to the upcoming Star Wars 40th anniversary anthology.

After the fake Lah-gos depicted in Captain America: Civil War, we really look forward to an accurate representation by someone who has actually been to Lagos.

(Photo: Nnedi Okorafor)

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