7 Made-In-Nigeria Skincare Brands You Need To Try

We're pretty sure everyone wants skin that glows, however, with the amount of damage our skin goes through because of overexposure to chemicals and pollution (thanks, Nigeria), glowing skin has become a rarity. 

No fear though, as we have a few skincare companies right here in Lagos that are tailored to suit our skin, specifically, and tackle problem areas in order to get that glow. 

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The aim is for your skin to always look its healthiest, and this doesn't happen by chance or magic. While the appearance of your skin is not solely dependent on what you put on it, it's also very important to drink water and mind your business, as well as use the right products.

One great thing about these made-in-Nigeria skincare products is that they're usually made from natural ingredients and they don't have harmful chemicals that most foreign brands have. Plus, they are a lot cheaper.

So, from Be Clear Skincare to Ajali to Aramis Essentials, here are some Nigerian skincare brands that will get you that summer glow you need all year round.


Be Clear Skincare

Orma Skincare 

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Aramis Essentials 

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Shea Tribe

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Makariah Scrubs

R & R Luxury 

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