Yemi Alade Is The Leader Of Many Tribes In Her Fantastic Video For 'Oga'

Throughout 2018, Yemi Alade experimented with r&b-influenced sounds, and towards the end of the year, she blended her old sonic style with her new one. This sweet amalgamation was most evident on the confident track, "Oga", for which she has just dropped a fitting video

(Photo: YouTube/Yemi Alade)

Directed by the legendary Clarence Peters, the accompanying music video for "Oga" begins with a skit of a beachside samurai battle between a team of women in red and a team of men in black, both led by the confident Yemi Alade. 

Throughout the captivating video, Yemi Alade plays the role of the titular oga — be it a traditional chief from the different regions across Nigeria or the head of a ranch in a desert far away. Like the song's lyrics suggest, the video shows that Yemi Alade is a boss wherever she goes.

From Japanese samurai robes to the royal attire of an Emir in Northern Nigeria. Yemi Alade flaunts a stunning wardrobe influenced by the multitude of different cultures she hopes to represent in her fantastic multicultural video. 

Watch the video for "Oga" below: