Wavy The Creator Makes A Grand Return With New Single, 'Body Deep'

It's been a while since we heard from Wavy The Creator, who once stood at the forefront of Nigeria's alternative music scene. Following the release of "Shaku", Wavy The Creator put her nose down to focus on creating new music that would more sincerely portray her sound. 

Now, almost a year later, we have finally gotten a taste of what she's been working on, courtesy of her latest tune, "Body Deep"

(Photo: GRM Daily/YouTube)

Produced by Spanker, "Body Deep" boasts an incredibly exciting beat, with a heavy bass that immediately begs you to dance. On the track, Wavy The Creator sets the scene for an explicit soirée, where only 18-year-olds and above are allowed to engage in the debauchery. 

The video for "Body Deep" takes us to 2032, depicting the underground affair Wavy describes. Held in several different locations, varying party members join Wavy, who is styled in electrifying patent leather vinyl and polyester spandex pieces — designed by Ashley Okoli for XII Glover.

Meji Alabi does a phenomenal job with the direction of this enthralling video, realising Wavy The Creator's otherworldly appeal by using audacious angles and intimate shots, whilst also complimenting Spanker's heavy beat with sharp camera cuts and some trippy editing. 

Watch the video for Wavy The Creator's "Body Deep" below: