Watch The Video For Blackmagic's Latest Single, 'Anything For Love'

A few months ago, Blackmagic released the fantastic "Anything For Love", which, unfortunately, didn't gain that much traction. Well, he's now back with a stunning video for the love song, which will hopefully garner the impressive track the attention it deserves.

(Photo: YouTube/Blackmagic)

Blackmagic is responsible for one of the best Nigerian songs of the past decade, "Repete", but he has since struggled to match that gem. While the Spax-produced "Anything For Love" doesn't rise to the heights of "Repete", it's still one of the best tracks he's released in a while.

As the title suggests, Blackmagic talks about doing anything for the one he loves, assuring her that he has only eyes for her. For the stunning music video, Blackmagic wanders around a riverine area alone, before he meets up with his elaborately dressed lover in the woods. 

Check out the video right here: 

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