Watch The Artistic Video For WurlD's Incredible Song, 'Paranoid'

A few weeks ago, WurlD released his long-awaited sophomore EP, Love Is Contagious. One of the standout tracks off the fantastic project was "Paranoid" — a lively bop we'd heard before as a single — and it has now been given a fittingly artistic music video. 

(Photo: WurlD/YouTube)

On "Paranoid", WurlD promises the girl who's won his heart that he'd do anything to be with her, promising to give his best. He makes grand statements of assurance in the hopes of winning over her paranoid heart, swearing he is nothing like the men who've scorned her before. 

Produced by Shizzi, "Paranoid" is a very exciting track, especially with the spritely flutes that accentuate the beat. The music video for "Paranoid" is very artistic. Between tranquil shots of waves crashing into the beach, we see WurlD and his girl locked in a warm embrace

The incredibly calming video — influenced by Quentin Tarantino's 2007 exploitation horror film, Death Proof — was solidly directed by Samuel J. Roberts, a gifted filmmaker who doesn't seem to miss any detail, even matching the flowers with WurlD's bright blue hair. 

Watch the captivating video below: