Watch RMD Narrate 2Baba's 20-Year-Old Music Career In New Short Film

2Baba is like a unicorn in the Nigerian music industry, managing to stay relevant for two decades. To celebrate this milestone, he's released a short film, starring RMD, that takes us on his twenty-year journey, following his rise from the very beginning. 

(Photo: YouTube/Official 2Baba)

In just four minutes, the short film gives us interesting insight into 2Baba's career. RMD starts off by narrating 2Baba's journey with Plantashun Boiz — a group so influential that it birthed the likes of Trybesmen, The Remedies and Styl Plus.

With all of the changes the industry has undergone over the years, 2Baba's importance has been unwavering. He has been able to mould his sound to give fans quality afropop music, managing to deliver at least one hit song every year.

This is no easy feat — even internationally — and it's great to see him continuously soaring. So, even though the short film could have been better executed, the message it conveys is still crystal clear: 2Baba is as an essential part of Nigerian music. 

Check out 20 Years A King right here: 

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