Watch Kechi's Performance At The Finals Of 'America's Got Talent: The Champions'

Just two weeks ago, Nigerian singer, Kechi delivered a golden buzzer-worthy performance at her audition for the inaugural edition of America's Got Talent: The Champions, which shot her straight to the finals. 

Now, she's delivered another noteworthy performance at the finals, and we're definitely rooting for her to win this time. 

(Photo: YouTube/America's Got Talent)

As we guessed, the stamp of approval from Simon Cowell, one of TV's toughest judges, did wonders for Kechi's confidence, and she confessed that it allowed her to truly see herself as a singer and throw all her doubts to the wind. 

For the finale, she sang a rendition of Sia's "Opportunity", and, as usual, she took everyone's breath away. Although Kechi is everyone's favourite, she didn't seem to impress all the judges, as Mel B criticised her performance.

When asked about how she felt about Mel B's comment, Kechi responded: 

"I always appreciate honesty, that's the best way to grow as an artist, so thank you! "

Well, she handled that like a true champion, and we really really hope she emerges as the winner in the competition. The results will be revealed next week, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the very talented Kechi.

Watch her performance here: 

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