Watch The Ethereal Video For Asa's Latest Single, 'The Beginning'

Last week, singer-songwriter, Asa excited fans when she teased the release of new music — her first in half a decade. Now, the day is finally here, and she has come through with the fantastic single, "The Beginning", alongside a stunning and ethereal music video. 

(Photo: YouTube/Asa Ofiicial)

After a painfully long hiatus, the enigmatic singer has made a very welcome return with this emotional track, where she explores the complexities of human relationships. She sings that to move forward, you must shed all dead weight and return to the beginning.

While she delivers expectedly strong and haunting vocals, Asa's songwriting, like with most of her work, is the track's strongest element, as it forces listeners to reexamine their relationships. It's the kind of thoughtful release that endeared fans to her right from her breakout single. 

For the stunning video, we follow the singer sitting pensively in different desolate settings, as well as dramatically performing the song as she walks the streets. The captivating video definitely makes the song more enjoyable, marking Asa's comeback as one to remember.

Check out the video right here: 

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