Watch DAP's Fantastic Visual Album, 'Everybody Falls In The Summer'

For as long as he has made music, DAP has pushed boundaries and set himself apart with the quality of what he presents to us. In no hurry to fall off, he has shown off his many talents in his latest release, Everybody Falls In The Summer – the first visual album from a Nigerian artist. 

(Photo: DAP The Contract)

For far too long, the Nigerian music scene has celebrated mediocrity, welcoming a ton of artists only interested in copying the sound of the moment. These days, there's a younger crop of artists like D-O, Odunsi and DAP, who have changed the game by owning their sounds 

A bad DAP song is a rarity, because his ear is unmatched and it shows in the way he can wear many hats and still dish out impeccable work. Not only does he rap, but he also sings, produces his songs and directs his own music videos

We at Konbini got to speak to the talented rapper in the run-up to the release, where he revealed that: 

"This project was the first time I really tried to stick with one mode and one energy and create a sonically cohesive body of work.

I think visual expression is very important for all artists, but especially storytelling artists and artists that speak about their life. It gives you a whole other opportunity to deliver your message and execute your vision."

While we were certainly not expecting any less than we got, we're entirely blown away. Everyone Falls In The Summer is a stunning and engaging clip, which is curated to keep your attention from start to finish; as well as elevate the album as a whole.

Familiar songs like "Hell Yeah" and "Sanctified" seem brand new when put together with the rest of the project, with the standout tracks being "Up AF", "Nobody Like You" and "Vibrate", where he really stretches himself and shows off his musical range. 

Listen to the full album right here:

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