Vector Shows Off His Rap Prowess On Bolshy New Song, 'This Vector Sef'

The hip-hop scene in Nigeria is currently enjoying a renaissance, and it's only right that the OGs in the game are leading the charge. Well, one of the scene's strongest players, Vector, finally joins in on all the fun with his bolshy new song, "This Vector Sef".

Much like M.I did last year with his Headies-winning "You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life", this song serves as another awakening to the hip-hop scene, telling rappers that they need to start rapping a lot more than they currently are.

The song starts off with someone proclaiming that Vector is the best. Then, against an intimidating beat, Vector brags about his lyrical ability. The most impressive part of the entire song is that he still manages to switch up and give us a catchy verse.

At the end of the confident track, Vector's upcoming EP, Teslim Vibes is announced, and we should be expecting that in June. Well, if this song is any sort of indication, we're in for a treat from one of our most gifted (and most underrated) artists. 

Listen to "This Vector Sef":

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