Teni Drops 'Uyo Meyo', An Inspirational New Single To Close Out The Year

As 2018 finally draws to a close, everyone is understandably on an inspirational high, with goals to smash everything the new year plans to throw at us. Teni has now added to this craze, with her inspirational new song, "Uyo Meyo". 

During her graduation, Teni shared a clip of her singing the stunning song, and fans began to fervently request that she drop it as a single. Yesterday, to celebrate her birthday, the talented singer finally released this full version, and it's everything we expected it to be.

Teni delivers strong vocals, switching between English and Yoruba. On the track, she's thankful for her 2018 achievements and sings about her plans to reach greater heights. She also encourages listeners to strive to be better, which is always a lovely message to pass on.

Even with the song's message, Teni maintains her usual goofy energy, which reminds us why we fell in love with her in the first place. We're very excited to see where 2019 takes the breakout star, and it seems the singer is just as convinced, rightfully so, of her own ability. 

Listen to "Uyo Meyo" right here:

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