Teni Joins Idahams On The Remix Of His Catchy Love Song, 'No One Else'

Following her breakout year, Teni has been on a serious collaborative roll — teaming up with a ton of up-and-coming artists. For her latest guest spot, she brings her rising star power to the remix of Idahams' catchy love song, "No One Else", which also got a fun music video. 

For the catchy and affectionate song, Teni expectedly steals the entire show, picking up the pace from where Idahams left off on the original. The song sees the two stars wearing their hearts on their sleeves, singing that there is no one else apart from their lovers. 

For the Clarence Peters-directed video, Teni and Idahams playfully perform the song, with a host of talented dancers in the background. While it doesn't really add to the storyline, it's just as engaging as the song and could help the remix surpass the original. 

Check it out right here: 

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