Tems Flaunts Her Vocal Prowess On Fiery New Single, 'Try Me'

Since her phenomenal debut, "Mr Rebel", we haven't been able to keep our eyes off Tems. Her follow-up track, "Looku Looku" was just as impressive, and her new offering, "Try Me", is a spirited bop that is every bit as impressive as the two singles that preceded it. 

Although the impressive beat for "Try Me" — produced by Remy Baggins and Tems herself  — starts off a bit slowly, the instance Tems' forceful, inimitable voice rolls in, the tracks morphs into a spirited and captivating jam. 

On the impassioned single, Tems sings to a particular foe who is trying to bring her down and steal her shine. Tems flexes her bad bitch muscles on the song, letting us know she isn't one to mess with. "Why you wanna try me?" she asks on the chorus.

With a witty weed analogy and a near-perfect vocal delivery — which she really flaunts towards the end of the track — "Try Me" is everything we could have asked for from the rising singer, and we can't wait to hear more from her.

Listen to Tems' latest single below: