Tems, Dami Oniru & More Are Celebrating Women's Month With 'Femme'

In December, Femme launched its female-oriented platform, which aims to amplify women in the music industry. After a successful Christmas show, Femme is returning with another enticing display of female talent in celebration of Women's History Month. 

To be held on March 24 at the African Artists' Foundation, Femme's second event will feature a new line-up of female artists: Dami Oniru, who just released a stellar EP; the gifted Solis; Good Girl LA; and, one of our favourite rising stars and Femme-returnee, Tems. 

Not only are we excited to be exposed to the magic of this new line-up, but we are also excited to chart the growth of the Femme community — especially as it seeks to elevate and empower women who are consistently underserved in the industry.

For International Women's Day, along with the 'Balance for Better' theme this year, Femme released a video highlighting the importance of balance in the music industry, with some words from a few women who are currently thriving in it.

Although the Femme founder didn't grace the video, we were interested in finding out what 'Balance for Better' means to her. She told Konbini

"I think it just means to push for a balanced world — gender balance in all aspects.

So, for instance, in music we already know that it is extremely skewed toward the males in the industry so for balance for better we want to make sure there are more women in the industry doing things and also getting noticed for the things that the men are doing."

As we keenly anticipate the 24th and all the splendour these young women will surely deliver, we are catching up with some of the gems the Femme performers have dropped in the past. Our current favourite is Solis' fantastic "Watch Me".

Listen to it below: