Sarz Flaunts His Production Prowess On New Single, 'Hello Africa Riddim'

Although he has a few singles to his name — "Beat of Life", "Get Up" "Trobul" — Sarz is yet to deliver a full body of work, but thankfully, to go along with his latest single, "Hello Africa Riddim", the acclaimed producer has announced his debut project, Sarz Is Not Your Mate

Featuring Dr Alban and additional vocals from Flash, "Hello Africa Riddim" is dominated by Sarz's fantastic production work. Flash, who soared on "Get Up", comes in toward the end of the track with an inaudible, yet sweet sounding riff that brightens up the closing sequence of the song. 

The bouncy electropop track flaunts Sarz's ability to generate infectious sounds from varying genres. The opening of the track immediately arrests our attention, however, we do get lost until the tempo slows down and Sarz draws us back in with an enthralling crescendo.

Although "Hello Africa Riddim" isn't Sarz at his best, it is still a solid tune, which says a lot about this epic force in Nigeria's music industry. We're hoping his project will reflect his unrivaled talent, but until we hear more from Sarz (who is no one's mate), listen to "Hello Africa Riddim" below: