Watch The Stunning Video For Juls, Tiggs Da Author & Santi's 'Maaya'

Santi is one of the most impressive up-and-comers working in music today. He's consistently soared as both a solo star and a featured act, and now he's brought that same energy to Juls' "Maaya", alongside talented Tanzanian artist, Tiggs Da Author.

(Photo: YouTube/Juls)

On multiple occasions, we've praised Juls as an absolute magician. All his beats have a distinctly mellow sound that never feel repetitive or stale, and "Maaya" is no different. His production work leaves a lot of room for the featured acts to shine, and Santi takes full advantage.

The affectionate song starts off with Tiggs Da Author declaring his feelings, singing that his lover's beauty makes him fall hard in love. He's then joined by the song's MVP, Santi, who delivers in his infectious tone, declaring his own feelings for the titular Maaya. 

The music video for "Maayaa" is directed by Jeremy Cole and Marco Grey, who gather beautiful women for a sartorial photoshoot. Stunningly dressed, the women in the clip flaunt their beauty, illustrating what it is about Maayaa that has drawn these men to her.

Watch the video below:

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