Santi Delivers Emotive Visuals For His Latest Single, 'Sparky'

With every Santi single comes a self-directed Santi movie, or so has been the case for the past few releases. For his latest single, "Sparky", the multi-talented artist goes beyond the realm of directing, writing an emotive script for the video and giving a convincing performance. 

(Photo: Monster Boy/YouTube)

The video for "Sparky" is a fitting illustration of the song's themes of vengeance and comradery. Beginning with the funeral of a young boy, "Sparky" follows a band of young women, led by the boy's mother, as they look to exact their revenge on his killer.

The video depicts the turbulent emotional state of the bereaved family. We watch the women struggle between rage and sadness, but it also sees them enjoying moments of happiness, as the punitive mission solidifies their companionship.

Although he plays the father of the murdered boy in the clip, Santi relinquishes the lead role in "Sparky" to the talented women he enlisted, appearing only to console the mother of his child and also for the evocative final scene. 

Watch Santi's most creative music video yet: