British-Nigerian Star, Ray BLK Joins Nicki Minaj On UK Leg Of Her World Tour

In the past year, Nicki Minaj has been under a lot of fire for not supporting other black, female artists, and her ongoing rift with Cardi B — the only other female rapper getting mainstream attention — has not really helped to change that notion. 

Well, it looks like she's aiming to refute these claims, as she has added a host of black British female artists to the line-up of the UK leg of her world tour, including Ms Banks and the British-Nigerian rapper and singer, Rita Ekwere (aka Ray BLK). 

Raised in London, but born in Nigeria, Ray BLK developed a passion for music very early, listening to MTV and her mother's gospel music. We have watched her rise in the UK scene, and now she is set to open for one of the most celebrated rappers in the world. 

Speaking about the opportunity, Ray said on Instagram:

"Sooo honoured & blessed to be sharing the stage with an icon. [Nicki Minaj], thank you for this opportunity"

The first show of the UK leg happened yesterday in London, and there will be four more shows around the UK before the tour heads elsewhere. This is no doubt going to open up Ray BLK to a different market, and will definitely put her on to bigger things. 

We're super excited for the talented star, and can't wait to see what she does next! 

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