A-Q Sparks Controversy With Combative New Single, "Hmmm..."

Given the competitive nature of rap music, wordsmiths are often caught pulling down others in order to prove that they are the best. A-Q, who is actually one of the strongest Nigerian rappers working today, does just that with his latest single, "Hmmm...".

(Photo: ThisisAQ/YouTube)

On "Hmmm...", A-Q brags about his rap skills, declaring that he always kills it. Over the commendable trap beat, A-Q also talks about the struggles of making music, narrating the difficulty he had with finishing his upcoming album, God's Engineering.

As well as criticising the content of other rappers' verses, A-Q also uses "Hmmm..." to challenge the authenticity of some of his peers, specifically pointing to the "alté" school of musicians — calling them out for trying too hard to be different. 

For the accompanying music video, which was directed by Samuel Achema, the combative tone of the track is illustrated rather directly, with particularly provocative lyrics being plastered onto the screen in the signature Street Fighter font. 

Watch the video for "Hmmm..." below: