Prettyboy D-O & Mojo Are Living Life To The Fullest On 'Chop Life Crew'

After Drake's hook on "The Motto", "YOLO" (You Only Live Once) became everyone's go-to excuse for bad behaviour. Well, a decade after, Mojo taps into that same sentiment on his Prettyboy D-O assisted single, "Chop Life Crew", and we officially have a new excuse to misbehave.

(Photo: Mojo/YouTube)

Produced by Ronehi, with a little help from Le Mav, "Chop Life Crew" is an infectious banger that encourages us to live life to the fullest. On the track, Mojo and Prettyboy D-O brag about travelling, getting girls and chopping life with their friends.

The song's accompanying video, which was directed by July Drama and Aidum Tom, depicts the ultimate chop life crew, as we see Mojo and Prettyboy D-O turning up to their aspirational new song, with their boys cheering them on.

Watch the video for "Chop Life Crew" below: