Phyno Releases Two New Songs To Close Out The Year, 'Oil' & Iyilu Ife'

Phyno is in a league of his own in the Nigerian music industry, as there are not that many mainstream artists who rap in Igbo, and still manage to dole out hit after hit. Well, with no intention of stopping, he's dropped two new bangers to close out the year, "Oil" and "Iyilu Ife".

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Although he started out as a rapper, Phyno has been embracing singing a lot more, and it works really well with his highlife vibe. "Oil" is a full-on highlife bop, which finds him singing about securing the bag and living his best life against a smooth Soularge-produced beat. 

"Iyilu Ife", on the other hand, is a calmer love song, which finds him singing about all the lengths he would go for his lover. For the accompanying music video, it follows an interracial couple going through tumultuous times, before love eventually prevails and they work it out.

You can check out the two songs right here: 


"Iyilu Ife"

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