Peruzzi Joins Famous Bobson For The Remix Of His Single, 'Stainless'

Back in January, rising Nigerian singer, Famous Bobson dropped "Stainless", an uptempo number that is his most successful song yet. Now, looking to push the brilliant single to an even wider audience, Famous Bobson has enlisted Peruzzi for a "Stainless" remix. 

"Stainless" opens with a vibrant instrumental, reminiscent of live band performances at a Nigerian party, even borrowing from Yinka Ayefele's "Mi O Mon J'orin Lo". While Bobson uses the track to chat up a girl, Peruzzi claims to be the man for her, swearing that she is hotter than all other girls. 

The original "Stainless" has a brief 2-minute runtime, but with the Peruzzi assist, the song runs its full course, almost as if "Stainless" was waiting for this big addition. As expected, the DMW star bodies this feature, and we fully expect this remix to make the rounds in the coming months.

Listen to the "Stainless" remix below: