Odunsi Joins Zarion Uti & Jilex Anderson For Tortured Love Song, 'Silent'

Even before he dropped his phenomenal debut album, Odunsi (The Engine) was revered as one of the deftest musical minds in Nigeria, and his accolades only grew after rare. was released. 

As such, many artists — particularly those in the earlier stages of their career — have sought Odunsi out for a feature, with the most recent being U.S-based Nigerian singer, Zarion Uti on his latest single, "Silent", which also features Jilex Anderson

The Veen-produced "Silent" is a rather laid-back jam, with a simple beat that places emphasis on vocals and the track's tortured lyrics. Zarion Uti begins the song longing for attention from his lover, insecurely questioning whether it is because he is yet to blow that she won't give him a chance. 

Odunsi is similarly as caught up with a particular girl, which comes as a surprise to him, considering he has so many beautiful women in his life already. While Odunsi and Uti cry for attention, Jilex Anderson is more concerned with carnal relations, making nighttime plans on his third verse. 

Listen to Odunsi's standout work on Zarion Uti's "Silent":