Odunsi The Engine Says He Was Frustrated Into Becoming An Artist

After selling out his first headline show in Lagos this December, Odunsi The Engine set out for the UK to tour Manchester, Birmingham and London — selling out the latter two shows.

Ahead of the tour, Odunsi hopped on Reprezent Radio, hosted by his close friend, DJ Femo, to talk about his journey — from learning how to make beats on his mother’s laptop in high school to touring the UK as a fully fledged artist.

Asserting that he is a better producer than he is an artist, Odunsi lets us know that his dream growing up was always to be in the studio producing — he was essentially frustrated into becoming a performing artist.

As a pro-fusion producer, Odunsi The Engine sought to blend different sounds on The Engine-produced tracks, opting for experimentation over following the roadmap laid down by the hitmakers that came before him.

However, not all the artists he produced for shared this forward-thinking sentiment. So, as opposed to trying to direct others on how to use his beats, Odunsi decided to realise the vision he had for them by becoming the artist himself.

Since he became a performing artist, Odunsi has risen to incredible heights, standing at the forefront of a new generation of Nigerian musicians who are enjoying both international acclaim and major domestic growth.

Right from his impressive debut single, "Vibrate" to his game-changing debut album, rare., Odunsi’s success has been well-deserved. His transition from a producer into an artist is one for which we are incredibly grateful, and we can’t believe it almost didn’t happen.

Listen to the full radio show below: