Mavin Records Duo, DNA Knock It Out Of The Park With 'Ayo' & 'Star'

After stealing many hearts during the inaugural season of the singing competition, The Voice Nigeria, afropop duo, DNA — led by twin brothers, Blair and Clint Roberts — quickly got signed to Don Jazzy’s star-making label, Mavin Records. 

After flailing around for a bit, clearly struggling to find their sound, the brothers decided to take a break and figure things out. Now they’re back from their hiatus with two fantastic new singles, "Ayo" and "Star", and things are finally looking up for them.

The Freddie Beats-produced "Star" is the more chilled-out of the two releases, benefiting from an insanely catchy bridge. On the track, the brothers try to convince a girl that she deserves much better than the relationship she’s currently in.

As for "Ayo", the Ozedikus-produced party-starter has all the trappings of a modest afropop hit. While the lyrics are a bit run-of-the-mill, the brothers display enough confidence and charisma on the track to more than make up for it. 

So, while it’s common for one track to outshine the other during double releases, the duo don’t seem to have that problem here, as they have dropped two killer songs that finally make their place in our ever-evolving music industry pretty clear.

Listen to "Star" and "Ayo" below: