Maleek Berry Joins Geko & Latifah For Catchy New Song, 'Hey Mama'

Maleek Berry fans the world over must have grown frustrated by how quiet their fave was all year, until he came back last month with his first official single of 2019, "Flashy". Now, we're getting even more from him, as he's teamed up with Geko and Latifah for a new bop, "Hey Mama". 

(Photo: YouTube/GRM Daily)

(Photo: YouTube/GRM Daily)

Two years ago, Maleek Berry and Geko joined forces for the insanely catchy "Eko Miami", and now they have rekindled that chemistry on this new song. "Hey Mama" is a definite party-starter, where each artist confesses feelings for a lover, against a fast-paced beat.

As expected, Maleek Berry steals the show with his super infectious hook, while the others also bring their A game on the verses. For the accompanying music video, Maleek Berry, Geko and Latifah turn up in a neon-soaked room while performing the catchy track.

You can watch the video right here: 

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