M.I, Loose Kaynon, A-Q & Blaqbonez All Kill It On Masterful New Cypher

M.I is one of the most confident rappers, both in his own individual talent and his ability to recognise and uplift other gifted artists.

If it wasn't clear from 2018's L.A.M.B. August — which saw three of our favourite albums that month, from Loose Kaynon and A-Q, Blaqbonez and M.I. himself — it's made clear from their "Martell Cypher": M.I.'s confidence is hardly misplaced. 

(Photo: YouTube/ Chocolate City)

The "Martell Cypher" is an incredible showcase of the L.A.M.B crew's lyrical prowess, as all four of them deliver impressive verses. The foursome declares that they are not to be trifled with, letting other rappers know not to step on their toes.

As Blaqbonez and Loose Kaynon boast of their team's strength, A-Q warns that coming up against him is a guaranteed loss, referencing Nigeria's upcoming election to illustrate the catastrophic results for any of his challengers. 

M.I. joins the boys for the final verse, which he takes like the legend he is. Affirming that he has done it all, M.I. brags that the only reason he is on the cypher is to stick the final nail in the coffin of anyone who dares contend with his L.A.M.B crew. 

(Photo: YouTube/ Chocolate City)

The track oozes with self-confidence, but it is all justified in the five and a half minutes of witty lyrics and clever punchlines — which are visually augmented by memes of their references. For example, a 'shut the fuck up' warning pops up as Loose Kaynon silences his opponents.

Aside from the quick memes, the video, shot by Dekunle Aina, is a simple depiction of a classic cypher. The visuals make no distraction from their rap skills, with the boys sitting in their L.A.M.B order sipping Martell from their branded cups. 

Watch the impressive cypher below: