Listen To Wani’s ‘In2U’, His First Single Since ‘Lagos City Vice’

Earlier this year, Wani released his fantastic EP, Lagos City Vice which was filled with nostalgic sounds that perfectly encapsulated the Lagos vibe. In keeping the same energy, he's now released his first single since the project was released, "In2U", and it's fantastic. 

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Wani's talent is hard to ignore, as he first got our attention with his stellar refix of Drake's "Blem" and then kept us interested with his feel-good song, "Raining". His consistency is evident in his distinct sound, which fuses afropop, dancehall and contemporary r&b, all of which is shown in this latest release. 

"In2U" is a mid-tempo song, where Wani confesses his love, singing that he's been through hell and back to get to his lover. With a heavily syncopated beat, which Wani controls perfectly with his melody, he's delivered another party banger which we're sure will get everyone on their feet once it's played.

We definitely think Wani is one to watch and we're very excited to see the heights he will rise to. Listen to "In2U" right here: 

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