Nigerian-American Rapper, Tyler, The Creator Drops New Album, 'IGOR'

Last week, Nigerian-American rapper, Tyler Okonma (aka Tyler, The Creator) announced the releases of his sixth LP, IGOR, and the project, which was entirely written, produced and arranged by him, is finally here, along with instructions on how to enjoy it. 

It’s been a little under two years since the release of Tyler's Grammy-nominated album, Flower Boy, and since then, he's dropped a solid EP, a few fantastic loosies and some impressive refixes. Given this, we weren't expecting a full-length project so soon, but we're glad we got one.

About leaving our expectations at the door for this album, Tyler said: 

"Don’t go into this expecting a rap album. Don’t go into this expecting any album. This is not Bastard, this is not Goblin, this is not Wolf, this is not Cherry Bomb, this is not Flower Boy, this is IGOR."

With the production being the strongest element, Tyler, The Creator delivers 12 solid tracks, with vocal assistance from artists like Playboi Carti, Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert. While almost every song bangs, the standouts have to be "PUPPET", "EARFQUAKE" & "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE". 

Make sure you listen to the project right here: 

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