Listen To Sinzu's Impressive Refix Of Chinko Ekun's Hit Song, 'Able God'

It was a shocking blast from the past when Davido signed Sauce Kid to his record label all those months ago, under his rebranded moniker, Sinzu. So far, we are yet to receive anything concrete from the old hand, apart from an empty promise of an album last year

Well, in a bid to retain relevance and make sure we don't forget his name this year, Sinzu has hopped on the beat of one of the most successful hits of 2018's last quarter, Chinko Ekun's anthemic "Able God", dubbing this offering a "zumix".

Freestyling over the familiar and infectious Rexxie-produced beat, Sinzu proclaims he is a lyrical killer, backing it up with two impressive verses, the first exclusively in Yoruba and the second predominantly in English. 

Bragging about his big baller status and antics, Sinzu's zumix is a solid freestyle that demonstrates why Davido thought him a worthy investment. Although it doesn't quite live up to the original, Sinzu's take on the hit song has us pretty eager for an official single from the legendary rapper.

Listen to the "Able God" zumix below: