Watch The Video For Tekno's Solid New Love Song, 'On You'

About a week ago, Ubi Franklin announced that due to an illness, afropop star, Tekno’s voice box is temporarily damaged. It comes as a pleasant surprise, then, that we’ve gotten a new song from him, "On You" — a cute bop that has us even more hopeful for his full recovery.

On the track, Tekno brags about his uncontrived love, promising to do anything for his baby. Dishing out compliments that she would look good in everything, from fancy cars to designer clothes, Tekno also challenges her, asking if she would be there for him if he had nothing.

Solidly produced by S’Bling, "On You" is cute, romantic and upbeat, full of the familiar and delectable twists of the best afropop jams. We are reasonably taken by this song, and wouldn't mind if a decent partner appeared out of the blue to serenade with Tekno's sweet lyrics.

Until we find the right match, however, we're ok to settle for Tekno's "On You":