Listen To Simi's Cheeky & Adorable New Song, 'Small Ting'

Simi is one of the most talented Nigerian artists working today — a fact she reinforced with the release of her latest album, Omo Charlie Champange. Now, she has impulsively dropped a cheeky and adorable new song, "Small Ting", which she also happens to have produced. 

Every so often, Simi likes to shows off her sound engineering skills with little freestyles and throwaway tracks, reminding us of how just versatile she is. Well, after recently taking a few production classes, she's decided to reveal what she's learnt with the self-produced "Small Ting".

Speaking about producing the song, Simi said on Instagram:

"This is the actual first beat I've made. It was a project for class. I wanted it to mean something, and so I wrote/recorded a song on it."

On the catchy song, which she also mixed and mastered, Simi sings about the realities of our society, harping on the point that little things are usually always made into a big deal for no reason. While the song's production isn't exactly groundbreaking, it's certainly a solid first effort. 

You can check it out yourself right here:

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