Listen To Olamide's Energetic New Single, 'Oil & Gas'

Olamide is one of the most consistent artists we have in the music industry, and he rarely ever leaves room for us to forget about him, with his latest effort being the energetic new song, "Oil & Gas". 

Olamide takes this chance to praise the men of the upper echelon in Nigerian society, begging for a bit of thier wealth and asking them to share their oil and gas money with him. Throughout the song, he envisions what he would do with wealth like thiers, imploring that they can't spend all the money so he should get some too. 

Thanks to the energetic and catchy Pheelz-produced beat, "Oil & Gas" is a zanku-ready bop which will get listeners on their feet within seconds of being played. Unfortunately, Olamide's delivery doesn't quite match up, as his usual cheeky and haphazard lyrics didn't quite bang this time. 

Hopefully, whatever he does next will be better than his previous two tracks, and he'll return to his usual form. 

Listen to "Oil & Gas" right here: 

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