Olamide Drops Colourful Video For His Latest Single, 'Oil & Gas'

Olamide is one of the hardest working artists in our music industry, and he rarely ever leaves room for us to forget him. About a month ago, he released his umpteenth party-starter, "Oil & Gas", and he has now come through with an equally engaging video for the banger. 

(Photo: YouTube/Olamide)

The track finds Olamide praising the many wealthy men in Nigeria, hoping for just a bit of what they have. Throughout the song, he envisions what he would do with wealth like theirs, pointing out that they can't spend all their money, so he might as well get some of it.

Thanks to a catchy Pheelz-produced beat, "Oil & Gas" is a zanku-ready bop, one that will get listeners on their feet almost immediately. Unfortunately, Olamide doesn't quite rise to the heights of the production work, with his delivery and lyrics sticking out as the weakest link.

For the video, Olamide plays a big wig who carelessly leaves a briefcase full of money in a car. The driver finds the stash of money, taking all his friends on a shopping spree — perhaps giving an indication of what Olamide plans to do with the wealth he seeks. 

Watch the video right here: 

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