Listen To This Fantastic Mashup Of Burna Boy & Fela Kuti, 'A Strong Ye'

It's very clear that Burna Boy draws inspiration from the legendary Fela Kuti — a fact we can hear in his music and see in his style. Earlier this year, Burna Boy released his magnum opus, Outside, which featured the undisputed song of the year, the Fela Kuti-inspired "Ye". 

(Photo: Burna Boy/YouTube)

Apart from just the musical influence, Burna Boy, much like Fela, speaks out about the current social climate and points out uncomfortable truths about our situations. "Ye", which samples Fela's iconic "Sorrow, Tears And Blood", is one of the clearest examples of him doing this.

Now, DJ and producer, TMXO has released a mashup of these two songs, replacing Burna Boy's hook on "Ye" with Fela's. This makes it sounds even more like a song the legend would have released in this era, leaving us to wonder what kind of magic these two could have made together.

Well, that, we will never know, so we'll just have to take the impressive "A Strong Ye": 

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