Listen To Asa Soar On Confident New Single, 'Good Thing'

After a five-year-long hiatus, acclaimed singer-songwriter, Asa, returned with a stirring single, "The Beginning". Now, she's back with another track that reminds us just why she is so beloved: "Good Thing", which also serves as the second single off her upcoming album.

While "Good Thing" wasn't the single we were expecting Asa to drop following the fantastic "The Beginning" — she had previously teased another moving track off the upcoming project titled "Torn" — it's hard to complain when what we've been given is so damn brilliant.

On "Good Thing", Asa is super confident, singing about how she feels after a messy breakup. "I am too fly for this, and I have no time for this/ I'm not afraid to be on my own and I am so fine with this", she belts, embracing her new-found solitude on the anthemic track. 

Listen to "Good Thing" below: 

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