7 Of The Best Nigerian Products To Get Your Loved Ones This Christmas

In the past few years, we've seen a paradigm shift in Nigeria, with more people than ever now willing to actually buy made-in-Nigeria products. So, now that the countdown to Christmas has officially begun, it's time to start considering which Nigerian brands to shop.

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So, in a bid to make life a lot easier for you guys, we've compiled a helpful list of some of the best brands to shop for your loved ones this Christmas. Accompanied by a stunning Anoela Card, here's a list of things you should gift those that matter to you most this season.

Itunu Fabrics

Fabrics are the foundation of every piece of clothing, and who doesn't love a great outfit? So, if you're looking for a nice stoned ankara for your mum's iro and buba collection, or something really dapper for your dad to stunt in, Itunu Fabrics is the place to go. 

Nature's Locks Gift Box 

Useful gifts are certainly always the best ones, and that's why Nature's Locks' gift box is at the top of our wishlist this Christmas. From a silk pillow (for your skin) to a growth and sealing oil (for your hair), this gift box is the ideal present for all the naturalistas in your life.

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VOA Speakers 

We're pretty sure everyone listens to music in the shower, and our phone's speakers never quite cut it over the noise of the water. This is why VOA speakers are a necessity in every bathroom, as they drown out the noise while playing your favourite jams.

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Okuma Organics

Christmas in Nigeria comes with Harmattan, which makes the air very dry and everyone's skin super ashy. Moisturising is not an option, but even more so during this time. This is why Okuma Organics' shea butter pots are the most ideal gift.


After the brand broke out last year, their signature off-the-shoulder dress became a huge hit, taking social media by storm. It's safe to say that it was the biggest dress trend this year, giving us serious wardrobe envy. In that breath, it would make for a great present, even if it's from you to you. 

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Deadstock Frames by OG 

Given that it's basically summertime all year round in Nigeria, sunglasses are always a necessity. Even though we need them, there's no harm making them as fashion as possible, and these cool and quirky glasses by Deadstock are our latest obsession. 

The Feitshop

From camouflage monk-strap shoes to deep brown suede loafers, there isn't a shoe that The Feitshop can't nail. So, if you're tired of seeing the men in your life rock uninspired footwear, then head over to the brand's Instagram page and get one made for them.

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