Lady Donli & Tomi Thomas Reunite For The Spiritual Single, 'Work'

Lady Donli and Tomi Thomas first joined forces on the delectable single, "Ice Cream", which remains Lady Donli’s most successful song to date. A couple years later, these two talented singers have put their heads together for another sensational duet, "Work".

"Work" is the lead single of Lady Donli and Tomi Thomas’ first joint project as the creative duo, The Forbidden. Going by the names Bushidō Takumi (Tomi Thomas) and Jin-Tachi (Lady Donli), The Forbidden are a Japanese-inspired pair of musicians, teleporting us to their ethereal realm.

The spirited bop begins by exhibiting its lively beat, astonishingly produced by DOZ and Tomi Thomas himself, before the producer cum vocalist opens using undulating tones that draw inspiration from afrobeat legends such as Fela Kuti and Tony Allen.

On "Work", Tomi Thomas and Lady Donli assure us that there is no need to worry, as blessing are coming — they are sure all their hard work will eventually pay off. Tomi Thomas takes the lead on the track, with Lady Donli's soft accompaniment elevating the chorus. 

Both Bushido Takumi and Jin-Tachi are incredibly gifted artists, and their first single, "Work", flaunts their ability to take on different personas and absolutely excel in whichever musical genre takes their fancy. We really can't wait to hear more from The Forbidden.

Stream "Work" below: