Lady Donli Is All About Enjoying Life On Latest Single, 'Suffer Suffer'

Over the past couple of years, old Nollywood movies have seen a resurgence in pop culture, inspiring style, as fashion goes full circle; and influencing music, like Santi's 2018 horror flick, "Freaky", and, now, Lady Donli's latest single, "Suffer Suffer".

(Photo: Lady Donli/YouTube)

Given Lady Donli's affinity for music from the '90s and '00s — a lot of her favourite songs are from that era — it comes as no surprise that her opening hook, which banishes suffering from her life, harkens back to afrobeat songs of old.

Talking us through the hard work she has put in, Lady Donli professes that she didn't come here to suffer, but rather to enjoy — a pretty fitting message for the second single off her forthcoming debut album, Enjoy Your Life. 

The accompanying lyric video for "Suffer Suffer", which presents Lady Donli as 'Cash Mummy', embraces typical Nollywood tropes, as she dances gleefully while performing the song in front of memorable scenes from old Nollywood classics.

Watch the lyric video for "Suffer Suffer" below: