Johnny Drille Shares The Valuable Lessons His Father Taught Him On 'Papa'

Johnny Drille is an incredibly talented and unique artist. Uncompromising in his style, the Mavin Records star consistently offers up refreshing breaks from the typical afropop songs that fill our airwaves, and his latest single, "Papa", is certainly no exception.

(Photo: Mavin Records/YouTube)

"Papa" is a soulful single, upon which Johnny Drille recounts the valuable lessons about faith that his father taught him. Just as his father did to him, Johnny Drille encourages us to remain prayerful, especially when we lose our way. 

The stunning video for "Papa" depicts different fathers bonding with their children. The fantastic string quartet that help propel the self-produced beat also make an appearance in the clip, highlighting their invaluable contribution to the song.

With Father's Day coming up, Johnny Drille doesn't simply honour his dad by imparting his wisdom onto others, he adds a thoughtful prayer for his father on the track — one that we'll all be singing along to come Sunday.

Watch the video for "Papa" below: