Here's A List Of 10 Songs Burna Boy Has Sampled In His Catalogue

Burna Boy is currently one of our biggest musical exports, thanks to the success of his 2018 magnum opus, Outside. His music sees him bringing together lots of different genres, staying true to his unique afro-fusion sound.

Burna Boy's je ne sais quoi always comes through, from his music to his style. And it's clear where he draws inspiration from, as even though he's presenting a fusion of different sounds, he's very partial to reggae, which shows in the kind of songs he samples. 

Through his fantastic samples, we can see that he has an impeccable ear, as he always manages to pull them off very subtly. It takes a lot of talent to do that, and he clearly knows this too, with him even managing successfully sample himself as well.

So, we decided to collate a list of 10 songs he's sampled in his catalogue:

"Ice Cream Man" ("I Want You Back" - Jackson 5)

"Giddem" ("Into You" - Fabolous ft. Tamia)

"PH City Vibration" ("Spanish Town Rocking" - Chronixxx)

"On The Low" ("1 Er Gaou" - Magic System)

"Don Gorgon" ("Ting A Ling" - Shabba Ranks)

"Smoke Some Weed" ("Stir It Up" - Bob Marley)

"Realest" ("Soke" - Burna Boy)

"Ye" ("Sorrow Tears & Blood" - Fela)

"More Life" ("Get It Together" - Drake ft Jorja Smith)

"Boom Boom Boom" ("Lady" - Fela)

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