Fresh L & Davido Show Off Their Bond In The Music Video For 'Firewood'

Last year, Davido featured on a host of different songs, both locally and internationally, showing us just how far his voice could go. Although he excelled at varying unexpected genres, his best feature credit of 2018 was on Fresh L’s afropop single, "Firewood".

After five months and several Instagram teasers, Fresh L and Davido have finally dropped a fitting video for the Fresh VDM-produced track.

(Photo: YouTube/Davido Adeleke)

Directed by DammyTwitch, the video for "Firewood" is a simple display of the duo’s bond, as we watch them amicably vibe to the banger they've created. Shot in The Harvest, the pair reserve a cool hang out spot in Lagos exclusively for their own enjoyment, jamming through the scenic set in peace.

As friends, Fresh L and Davido barely spend a moment apart, save for Fresh’s intimate elevator rendezvous and his brief link up with his DRB boys, BOJ and Teezee. The simple video takes nothing away from the song, encouraging us to vibe to the lowkey hit, just as Fresh L and Davido do.

Watch the pair buddy up below: