Falz Teams Up With Mr Real For Catchy New Song, 'Zzz'

Mr Real holds a very unique place in the Nigerian music industry, as he's partly responsible for the shaku shaku craze. Now, following the great year he's had, topping charts with hits like "Legbegbe" and "Diet", he's crowned it all with a new Falz-assisted banger, "Zzz".

When Mr Real dropped "Legbegbe", we're not sure he knew how much of a hit it would become. This time, however, working with a tried and tested recipe, he's enlisted one of the hottest Nigerian musicians working today for "Zzz", and we're positive it will make the rounds.

On "Zzz" the two artists express their distaste for conversations that don't involve them making money. Switching between English and Yoruba, Mr Real and Falz rap cheeky lyrics about the song's subject matter, with the best part being the catchy hook and chorus. 

You can listen to it right here: 

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