Falz Teams Up With Dice Ailes For His Latest Single, 'Alakori'

In the time since the release of his socio-politically charged album, Moral Instruction, Falz has been lending his voice to other artists, soaring as a standout guest on a bunch of solid tracks. Now, he has finally dropped a brand new single, "Alakori", alongside Dice Ailes.

Solidly produced by Chillz, "Alakori" utilises a laid-back beat, one that gives this rather unexpected vocal pairing plenty of room to shine. The rising star, Dice Ailes is charged with the hook, an aggressive few seconds that sees him put his haters in their place: beneath him.

Falz then joins him, and similarly reminds naysayers and criminals alike that they are not on his level, so they shouldn't even disturb him with their presence. Dice Ailes delivers a really impressive performance and Falz lives up to his usual standards, making for a prospective hit.

Listen to "Alakori" below: