Falz & Dice Ailes Pay Homage To Iconic Movies In The Video For 'Alakori'

A few days ago, Falz dropped the Dice Ailes-assisted "Alakori" — his first single since his politically-charged album, Moral Instruction. Now, following a successful concert over the weekend, Falz is back with a video for the track, and it’s full of pop culture references.

(Photo: Falz/YouTube)

In the accompanying video for "Alakori", which was directed by the talented Clarence Peters, both stars are transported to the sets of a bunch of iconic Hollywood movies, making great use of the fisheye lens throughout each cut.

Paying homage to the Oscar-winning gem, Goodfellas, Falz and Dice Ailes find themselves squaring up in a dingy carpark, firing out their assertions that they are each better than the other, surrounded by their crew of stunning models. 

The video also depicts Falz and Dice Ailes as chieftains pitted against each other in a Mortal Kombat-style conflict, being lauded by their respective henchmen. Including Bad Boys II, there are a couple more references in the video for you to spot.

Watch Falz’s "Alakori" below: