Falz Delivers Timely Social Commentary In His Latest Single, 'Talk'

Since the release of "This Is Nigeria" and his role as co-host of On The Couch — a talk show geared towards getting to know presidential candidates and aspirants — Falz has continued to define himself as a politically conscious public figure.

Determined to use his fame and influence to positively impact the nation, Falz has come up with yet another track, the Yung Willis-produced "Talk", which finds the rapper offering up words of criticism on topics ranging from corruption in the church to tribalism.  

(Photo: YouTube/ Falz)

(Photo: YouTube/ Falz)

The visuals depict a young boy playing a video game in which he controls Falz. Given the options "Save Nigeria", "Relocate to Yankee" or "Join Gang", the boy chooses Falz to save his country, dressing him up as a judge or the leader of his own party.

The overarching message of the song and accompanying music video is that we shouldn't be afraid to talk about the problems we have, as talking is the first step in solving our issues. It's a similar sentiment Falz pushed on "This Is Nigeria".

So, if Falz can be bold enough to call out the president for taking so much time off during his first term, but still having the confidence to run for a second, then maybe we should all follow his example and be a little braver in speaking out.

Watch the Prodigeezy-directed video for "Talk" below: