Falz Aims To Re-Educate The Masses With His Latest Project, 'Moral Instruction'

Less than a week ago, Falz delivered timely social commentary in the form of a spirited bop, "Talk". With the release of this single, Falz also announced that his fourth studio album, Moral Instruction, would closely follow. Well, it finally dropped today, and it's worth a listen. 

Opening with an amazing beat, produced by TMXO, the highlight of the entire album remains the incredible production work — predominantly handled by Sess, who is assisted by TMXO on "Johnny", Willis on "Talk" and Chillz on "Paper".

As we expected, the project is an unfiltered critical expression of all of Falz's problems with Nigeria and its people, which includes the perilous day-to-day of the average Nigerian man and a general lack of empathy towards one another.

On one of the project's standouts, "Follow Follow", which samples Fela's "Zombie", it is clear that the musical legend and apolitical icon was a huge influence. On "E No Finish" Falz confirms this, as he raps about picking up from where Fela left off. 

Falz handled the majority of the album by himself, with only three features: Demmie Vee, Sess and Chillz. The Demmie Vee-assisted track, "Hypocrite" feels rather ironic, as they both criticise self-righteous people who think they are above others.

The irony comes when we consider that Falz himself has a lot to learn and also unlearn. Even his socially conscious icon, Fela, isn't remembered without criticism, so what makes Falz think it is appropriate to give us his 'moral instruction' is rather a mystery. 

On the ultimate track of the album, Falz does appreciate that he isn't perfect, however, his authoritative approach to opening up a dialogue — even holding a classroom-themed listening session — almost negates his perceived self-awareness.

Still, the production on the album is absolutely insane and Falz's social commentary does offer up a few topics of discussion that Nigerians really do ought to consider. Listen to the tape, Moral Instruction below: