DRB Party With Their Crew In The Lively Video For New Single, 'Alté'

Last year, DRB launched their comeback campaign with the release of their DRB 10 playlist — comprised of 10 of their favourite DRB Las Gidi tracks, in celebration of their 10th year anniversary — and an energetic single featuring Odusni (The Engine)

This year, however, DRB has been rather quiet, but at long last, they are back on the campaign trail, hailing the culture with their latest single, "Alté".

(Photo: BOJ/YouTube)

BOJ opens the 2Kris-produced track chanting "alté" in his signature raspy voice, which is then juxtaposed with Fresh L's crisp delivery on his following verse. As usual, BOJ is charged with the chorus and also a rift, the latter following a solid second verse by TeeZee. 

Widely accepted as the pioneers of the alté movement — hence the name of their comeback tape, Pioneers — DRB lament the times when "alté" was used as a synonym for weird, remembering when they were judged for being unapologetically self-expressive.

The music video, directed by Ademola Falomo, depicts a gathering of DRB's alté crew. Featuring low-fi camcorder clips, the video captures the crew in their element, much like Odunsi's "Alté Cruise" video, which exemplified the rustic inclinations of the movement.

Watch the video for "Alté" below: